Unfortunately Fire Door neglect is a common occurrence in buildings, Fire Doors are subject to much abuse, mainly due to lack of awareness. Many people assuming they are simply a door to get from one part of a building to another, but are unaware they are a critical life saving device.

Any other life saving device such as a fire alarm or extinguisher, is inspected and maintained on a regular basis. There is nothing different about a Fire Door, in order for it to perform as intended - it must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

The poster to the right conducted by the Fire Door inspection scheme, highlights some alarming facts about Fire Doors.

Fire Door awareness is so important, if more people using them understand the fundamentals of Fire Doors, the doors may suffer less neglect and abuse, potentially being saving lives.

A common fact in commercial buildings, is that Fire Doors are being propped opened for various reasons, again due to a lack of awareness. Some occupants are unaware of the Fire Doors' life saving attributes. A Fire Door must be closed in a fire scenario, so it is able to perform as intended, holding back fire and smoke for a specified amount of time. Issues like this should not be ignored, Fire Door awareness is key and can help save lives.