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Whether you are a building owner, responsible person for a building or landlord, South Coast Fire Door Inspections will help ensure your building complies with current legal requirements for Fire Doors

Why are Fire Doors so important?

Fire Doors save lives, protect escape routes and protect the fabric of the building.

In the design stage of a building fire protection is a major consideration, where Fire Doors play a key role. Buildings are made up of compartments to limit the spread of fire and smoke, containing it to that area, commonly known as Fire Compartmentation.

Compartmentation of a building carefully involves fire resisting construction, for instance, the walls, ceilings, glazing, Fire Doors etc which all make up the compartment. The compartments all need to be accessed, this is where Safety-Approved Fire Doors are so critical - they maintain the same fire protection level to match the rest of the compartment. However in order for the Fire Doors to perform as intended, they need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, just like any other life saving device such as fire extinguishers or sprinklers.